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May 28, 2023

The use of rubber can cause changes in its properties due to the combined effects of various factors, leading to a gradual decrease in the performance of rubber and its products over time, until they are damaged and lose their value for use. This process is called rubber aging. Aging of rubber pipes can cause economic losses, and to reduce these losses, slowing down aging to extend the lifespan of rubber pipes is one of the methods. To slow down aging, it is necessary to first understand the factors that cause rubber pipe aging.

  1. Oxidation reaction is one of the important reasons for rubber aging, where oxygen reacts with certain substances in the rubber tube, resulting in changes in rubber properties.

2. Raising the temperature will accelerate the diffusion rate of nutrients and the reaction rate of oxidation, accelerating the aging of rubber. On the other hand, when the temperature reaches the corresponding level, the rubber itself will undergo reactions such as thermal cracking, which will affect the performance of the rubber.

3. Light also has energy, and the shorter the light wave, the greater the energy. Among them, ultraviolet radiation is a high-energy light that can have a destructive effect on rubber. Rubber undergoes free radicals by absorbing light energy, triggering and accelerating oxidation chain reactions. On the other hand, light also plays a heating role.

4. When rubber is exposed to moist air or immersed in water, substances that are easily soluble in water will be extracted and dissolved by water, especially in water immersion and atmospheric exposure, which will accelerate the destruction of rubber.

5. When rubber is repeatedly applied, the molecular chains of the rubber may break, and the accumulation of small amounts may cause the rubber tube to crack or even break.

The above are the factors that can lead to aging of rubber pipes. Slight cracking on the surface is a sign of aging, and the outer layer is continuously oxidized to make the outer layer brittle. As oxidation continues, the embrittlement layer will also deepen, manifested as microcracks during bending during use. In this case, the rubber hose should be replaced

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