PASSIONHOSE | Wholesale Hydraulic hose distributor supplier
  • PASSIONHOSE | Wholesale Hydraulic hose distributor supplier

PASSIONHOSE | Wholesale Hydraulic hose distributor supplier

produces Hydraulic hose distributor in strict accordance with national standards, and the produced Hydraulic hose distributor is non-toxic, harmless, environmentally safe, and of high quality, so you can buy and use it with confidence.
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  • Set up years ago, PASSIONHOSE is a professional manufacturer and also a supplier with strong capabilities in production, design, and R&D. Hydraulic hose distributor We will do our best to serve customers throughout the whole process from product design, R&D, to delivery. Welcome to contact us for further information about our new product Hydraulic hose distributor or our company.Hydraulic hose distributor The material is carefully selected, thick, fine workmanship, high quality, good corrosion resistance and durability, flexible and strong, and durable.

    Product Features
    ---Why Choose Silicone---
    Silicone Rubber Features                                       
    • ◪ Superior flexibility and resilience compare to rubber. 

    • ◪ Long service life than rubber. 

    • ◪ Much higher Operating Temperature Range.

    • ◪ Good chemical stability and flame retardancy.

    • ◪ With excellent aging resistance.

    • ◪ With excellent ozone resistance.



    Product Description
    ---struction and specification---

    • Service life:

    • Silicone hoses last practically forever and might possibly outlast your car. Because they have such a long lifespan, they can average out to a lower cost per mile compared to rubber hoses, even though their upfront cost is higher.

    • Temperature:

    • Silicone (177 degrees C) compared to standard EPDM rubber hoses that have a max temperature of 257 degrees F (125 degrees C). That’s almost a hundred degrees of difference.


    Product Details
    ---various silicone hose kits---
    Picture of front view

    Picture of top view

    Picture of cross-section


    ---Automobile repacking, maintenance and replace
    Do silicone hoses make a difference?

    Silicone hoses benefit from superior flexibility compared to rubber. They maintain this flexibility over their lifespan unlike rubber hoses. This reduces the risk that your hoses will split, harden, or become dry rotted. Silicone hoses last practically forever and might possibly outlast your car.

    What's the biggest reason to use silicone instead of rubber

    One of the biggest factors for people switching from rubber hoses to silicone hoses is the operating temperature. Our silicone hoses can withstand a higher average temperature than rubber hoses, this meaning that unlike rubber hoses they don't expand and get hot while under pressure.


    For Automobile Repacking                                 

    For maintenance and replace



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    For maintenance and replace

    Product Introduction

     Quality Silicone Hose Manufacturer Manufacturer | Paishun

    · 5mm wall thickness and 4-ply reinforcement ensure high-pressure resistance.

    · Top imported grade silicone raw materials ensure quality and warranty.

    · Professional and strong R&D department, we can customize the hose according to your

      Samples and drawings

    · Strictly inspection system ensures every hose needs to be tested before delivery. No defective hose will deliver to the customer's hands.

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