Custom flexible ptfe fluid hoses made in china Manufacturer | PASSIONHOSE

Custom flexible ptfe fluid hoses made in china Manufacturer | PASSIONHOSE

keeps up with the development trend of the industry, adopts the industry's cutting-edge technology and technology in product production, and continuously improves and innovates flexible ptfe fluid hoses, so that the produced flexible ptfe fluid hoses has obvious improvements in quality, service life, performance, etc. The improvement, stable quality, reliable quality, you can rest assured to buy.
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Always striving toward excellence, PASSIONHOSE has developed to be a market-driven and customer-oriented enterprise. We focus on strengthening the capabilities of scientific research and completing service businesses. We have set up a customer service department to better provide customers with prompt services including order tracking notice. flexible ptfe fluid hoses We will do our best to serve customers throughout the whole process from product design, R&D, to delivery. Welcome to contact us for further information about our new product flexible ptfe fluid hoses or our company.The flexible ptfe fluid hoses produced by is carefully selected materials, fine workmanship, and high quality. Compared with other similar products, it has a longer service life, better water-stop performance, and better shock absorption and buffer performance, and has a more competitive advantage in the market.

Product Features
---Why choose PTFE---
PTFE Features                                       
  • ◪ Resistant to strong acid and alkali, resistant to various corrosive chemicals.

  • ◪ Anti-adhesive, anti-moisture and ultraviolet, non-toxic.

  • ◪ Excellent weather resistance, long service life, no brittle fracture and no aging.

  • ◪ With a very low friction coefficient. non-flammable.

  • ◪ With a very low evaporate transpiration rate, cold liquid is not volatile.

  • ◪ With excellent electrical characteristics.

  • ◪ Excellent mechanical properties, shock resistance and flexibility.



Product Description
---struction and specification---
  • Structure:

  • Inner tube: corrugated PTFE(The imported F-205 of Japan Daikin PTFE)Outer tube: stainless steel 304 wire braid (SS304 with diameter of 0.2mm and 0.25mm

  • Temperature:

  • Continuous temperature range: -65℃ to +260℃

  • Temporary temperature range: -70℃ to +300℃

SerialI.D.(inch)I.D.(mm)Thickness of tube (mm)O.D.(mm)W.P.(bar)B.P.(bar)Min. Bend Radius   (mm)
Product Details
---various PTFE hose assemblies---
PTFE Hose Assembly

45 deg. JIC female hose end in SS304

PTFE Hose Assembly

straight JIC female hose end in SS304

PTFE Hose Assembly

2 meters




PTFE Hose Assembly

brass fittings with o-rings

PTFE Hose Assembly

straight JIC female hose ends in carbon steel with zinc-nickel plated

PTFE Hose Assembly

90 deg. elbow JIC female hos ends in carbon steel with zinc-nickel plated



---high temperature, resist chemical---
About our product

Stainless steel braided PTFE hoses are widely used in various industries for their unique properties and performance capabilities.

Here are some of the common applications:

1. Chemical industry: Stainless steel braided PTFE hose is used to transfer a wide range of chemicals, acids, and corrosive fluids, including solvents, fuels, and hydraulic fluids.

2. Food and beverage industry: These hoses are used in food and beverage processing plants to transfer food-grade fluids, such as milk, juice, beer, and wine, as well as cleaning solutions.

3. Pharmaceutical industry: Stainless steel braided PTFE hose is used in the pharmaceutical industry to transfer various chemicals and fluids, including solvents, acids, and cleaning solutions.

4. Automotive industry: These hoses are used in the automotive industry for fuel lines, oil lines, and brake lines due to their excellent resistance to high temperatures and corrosive fluids.

5. Aerospace industry: Stainless steel braided PTFE hose is used in the aerospace industry for various applications, including hydraulic lines, fuel lines, and cooling systems, due to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure conditions.

stainless steel braided PTFE hose is used in a wide range of applications where there is a need to transfer corrosive fluids, chemicals, and high-temperature fluids, especially in industries such as chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, and aerospace.


For Air System                                    

Convey high temperature and high-pressure air

For Fuel Pump

Covey high pressure and low pressure fuel 


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For Oil Line

Covey fuel for oil line in vehicle

For Brake System

Covey fuel for brake system in vehicle

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