PEX Pipe And Flexible Inner Tube For Plumbing
Product Features
---Why choose Oxygen Barrier PEX Pipe---
Oxygen Barrier PEX Pipe Features                                       
  • ◪ APPROVALS: Complies to ANSI, ASTM, CAN/ULC, CSA. Standards and ratings marked every 5 feet on the pex tubing.

  • ◪ Flexibility: Barrier PEX B pipes are flexible and easy to install, especially in tight spaces or complex layouts typical of radiant heating installations.

  • ◪ Multiple Size-- Available in 1/2'', 5/8'', 3/4'', 1'' and so on to choose from.

  • ◪ Temperature Resistance: Barrier PEX B pipes can withstand high temperatures typically encountered in radiant heating applications. They maintain their structural integrity and functionality even under prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures, ensuring reliable performance.

  • ◪  Corrosion Resistance: The barrier layer in PEX B pipes not only prevents oxygen ingress but also enhances their resistance to corrosion, prolonging the lifespan of the heating system components. 



Product Description

  • Product : 1/2'' Oxygen Barrier PEX Pipe 

  • Dianmmeter: 12.32mm x 15.88mm ( 0.475" x 0.625")

  • Length: 500 Feet

  • Packing: Coils

  • Maximum temperature: 95º C 

  • Minimum temperature: -40º C


Product Details
Displayed from different angles

5'' Bending Radius
Easy Installtion


Compatible Fitting Sytles

About our product

SRT  Oxygen Barrier PEX piping can be used for radiant heating systems for residential and commercial applications and is by far the most common tubing used for these applications. 

This PEX piping is NSF Certified and works great for putting any radiant heating system. This material is suitable for direct burial and poured concrete installations.


Oxygen Barrier, O2 Barrier, EVOH            


The EVOH barrier on the PEX keeps oxygen from infiltrating the system which prevents mechanical components in heating systems from corroding. 

Easy Installation

Quick and easy to install to radiant heating system

Certifications and Patents


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