16-years old Silicone Hose Manufacturer for Custom Silicone Connector | PASSIONHOSE

Custom silicone connectors can be molded, wrapped or formed rubber parts that connect the intake pipes and tubes in diesel-powered heavy equipment and in the transportation industry. Different materials can be layered from the inside diameter (OD) to the outside diameter (OD). 

Regardless of the manufacturing process, custom silicone connectors can withstand high temperatures and provide strength and flexibility. 

Types of products include custom silicone elbows and custom silicone hoses.

Custom silicone couplers, as this group of rubber products is also known, can meet specific pressure ratings and industry standards. Products are specified by bend radius, reinforcement, and liner materials. Custom silicone hose connectors and  tube connectors also come in different ply configurations with or without convolutions. PASSIONHOSE can also mark your custom hose connectors with part numbers or your company’s logo. 

May 05, 2023
16-years old Silicone Hose Manufacturer for Custom Silicone Connector | PASSIONHOSE

As a silicone hose manufacturer, PASSION HOSE has focus on the hose production for 16 years.

Silicone hoses, thanks to their unique physical and chemical properties, are widely used in many industries such as: pharmaceutical, biotechnological, medical, food, machine-building, construction, power industry and in many other sectors.

The physicochemical properties of the silicone hoses depend on their composition.  Because manufacturers offer a great diversity of rubber types as well as various fillers, cross-linking agents and other ingredients but also different processing methods, it is possible to match silicone hose characteristics to specific operating conditions and Customer expectations.

The Basic Characteristics of the Silicone Rubber include:

-resistance to both low and high temperatures with only minor changes in physical properties,

-dielectric breakdown properties,

-good resistance to oxidation,

-physiological inertness,

-high compressibility and resilience,

-tear resistance

-excellent resistance to infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation, UV and weather conditions,

-resistance to low pressure steam up to 3 atm. (high pressure steam causes partial degradation of silicone),

-lack of resistance to concentrated acids, alkalis, petrochemical products with aromatic content.

If you need custom silicones, check below to send a message to our solutions providers. 

Types of Custom Silicone Connectors

Whether you need a custom heater hose, a custom coolant hose, or a custom silicone elbow up to 180°, PASSIONHOSE can supply what you need as below.

-silicone elbows

-silicone reducer hoses

-straight silicone hoses

-hump hoses

-wrapped hoses

-other custom silicone hose connectors

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