which hydraulic hose crimp machines work with gates mega crimp



Hydraulic hose crimping machines are an essential tool for anyone working with hydraulic hoses. These machines allow users to secure fittings onto hoses to ensure leak-free connections and optimal performance. However, not all crimp machines are compatible with every type of hydraulic hose. In this article, we will explore which hydraulic hose crimp machines work seamlessly with Gates MegaCrimp® hoses, a popular choice among professionals in various industries.

1. Understanding Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machines

Hydraulic hose crimping machines are designed to create a tight and secure connection between fittings and hoses. They work by compressing the hose and fitting together using force and heat, forming a permanent bond. These machines provide consistent and reliable crimps, ensuring the integrity of the hydraulic system.

2. Features of Gates MegaCrimp® Hoses

Gates MegaCrimp® hoses are widely recognized for their robust construction, exceptional flexibility, and resistance to high-pressure applications. These hoses are designed to withstand extreme conditions, making them suitable for a wide range of industries, including construction, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. However, to achieve the best results, it is crucial to pair MegaCrimp® hoses with compatible crimp machines.

3. Gates eCrimp™ Database: A Valuable Resource

To assist professionals in selecting the right hydraulic hose crimp machine for their needs, Gates offers an online tool called the eCrimp™ Database. This comprehensive resource allows users to access all the necessary information regarding compatible fittings, hoses, and crimp specs. By simply entering the hose part number, users can easily identify the appropriate crimp machine required for Gates MegaCrimp® hoses.

4. Gates GC20™ and GC32™ Crimp Machines

Among the various options available, Gates GC20™ and GC32™ crimp machines are recommended for use with MegaCrimp® hoses. These machines are specially designed to deliver accurate and high-quality crimps consistently. They feature an easy-to-use interface, digital controls, and powerful crimping capabilities. The GC20™ is suitable for low to medium volume applications, while the GC32™ is designed for heavy-duty use in environments where precision and speed are of utmost importance.

5. Benefits of Using Compatible Crimp Machines

Using crimp machines that are specifically designed for Gates MegaCrimp® hoses offers several advantages. Firstly, it ensures a reliable and leak-free connection, minimizing downtime and potential hazards. Secondly, compatible machines help maintain the integrity of MegaCrimp® hoses by crimping them precisely according to the manufacturer's specifications. This guarantees optimal performance and longevity of both the hoses and the hydraulic systems they serve.

6. Compatibility with Other Crimp Machines

While the GC20™ and GC32™ crimp machines are highly recommended for use with Gates MegaCrimp® hoses, it is important to note that other compatible options exist. Gates provides a wide range of crimp machines suitable for different volumes and applications. These machines can be identified using the eCrimp™ Database or by consulting with Gates technical experts, who can offer guidance based on specific requirements.


When working with hydraulic hoses, having the right crimp machine is essential to ensure secure connections and reliable performance. Gates MegaCrimp® hoses, known for their durability and flexibility, require crimp machines that are compatible and specifically designed to deliver optimum results. By utilizing the eCrimp™ Database and considering options like the GC20™ and GC32™ crimp machines, professionals can confidently select the appropriate crimping solution for their needs, ultimately enhancing safety and efficiency in their hydraulic systems.


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