How to Fold Clothes After Air-Drying on a Industrial Rubber Hose


How to Fold Clothes After Air-Drying on a Industrial Rubber Hose

Air-drying clothes is one of the best ways to save energy and reduce your electric bill. Though drying your clothes naturally is a good idea, it is not always easy to tell how to fold them afterward. This is especially true if you’re using a different drying infrastructural system such as an industrial rubber hose. In fact, given that a rubber hose has a cylindrical shape, it is quite easy for clothes to develop creases and wrinkles while drying. If not appropriately folded, such clothes can be harder to iron, and the wrinkles may become permanent. In light of this challenge, this article proposes a simple guide to help you fold clothes after air-drying on an industrial rubber hose.

Understanding the Benefits of Air-Drying Clothes

Before we dive into the actual guide, let’s take a moment and explain why air-drying is preferable to other methods of drying clothes. One of the most significant benefits of air-drying is that it saves energy. You don’t have to worry about paying for electricity or gas bills because you’re letting nature do the work for you. Additionally, air-drying your clothes is an environmentally friendly choice as it reduces your carbon footprint. You can also look forward to softer and more comfortable clothes than those dried in a machine.

Preparing Your Clothes for Drying

Before you can start air-drying your clothes, you need to prepare them for the process. Begin by ensuring that the clothes are clean and properly wrung out to remove any leftover water. Take care to ensure that your clothes don’t drip or touch the floor to prevent additional dirt or stains. Note that for successful air-drying, most clothes require an airy space where there is enough room for them to hang and dry evenly. An industrial rubber hose can be a great spot, as it provides a sturdy pillar to hang clothes. Don’t forget to take into consideration the weight distribution of your laundry to avoid over-stretching clothes or causing stress on the hose.

How to Fold Clothes Air-drying on an Industrial Rubber Hose

Once your clothes have air-dried on the industrial rubber hose, the next step is to get ready for the folding process. The following is a step-by-step guide:

1. Remove Clothes From the Hose

Start by taking the clothes off the rubber hose, taking care not to stretch them further. As you take them off, gently shake each item to remove any wrinkles that may have formed on its surface.

2. Flatten the Clothes

The next step is to lay each garment onto a flat surface and smoothen the wrinkles. Use the palm of your hand to gently press and smoothen out any bumps or lines created while drying.

3. Fold the Items

Start with the sleeves, folding them back toward the shoulders to create a clean, straight line. Then, fold the garment in half lengthwise or width-wise, depending on the thickness of the fabric and how you prefer to store it.

4. Store Your Clothes

Once you have folded your clothes, you can either put them back in a drawer or hang them in a closet. Be sure to label the item if you think you may forget what’s inside.


In conclusion, folding clothes after air-drying on an industrial rubber hose may seem challenging at first, but with these simple steps, you’ll be able to fold your laundry like a pro. Remember to prepare and smooth out the clothes before folding, take a methodical approach to folding, and store your clothes appropriately. You’ll be amazed by the quality of care that your clothes receive when you let them air-dry and take care to fold them correctly. Finally, let’s hope this guide becomes a helpful tool for you in your laundry routine.


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