how to change hydraulic hose on kubota backhoe


How to Change a Hydraulic Hose on a Kubota Backhoe


A Kubota backhoe is a powerful machine that performs heavy-duty digging and excavation tasks. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure its efficient performance and longevity. One important aspect of maintenance is replacing hydraulic hoses when they become worn or damaged. In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to change a hydraulic hose on a Kubota backhoe, ensuring that your machine operates at optimal performance.

I. Understanding Hydraulic Hoses and Their Importance

A. What are hydraulic hoses?

B. Why are hydraulic hoses important in a Kubota backhoe?

C. Signs that indicate a need for hydraulic hose replacement

II. Gathering the Required Tools and Materials

A. Tools required for the task

B. Types of hydraulic hoses for a Kubota backhoe

C. Quality considerations when purchasing hydraulic hoses

III. Identifying the Faulty Hydraulic Hose

A. Locating the hydraulic hoses on a Kubota backhoe

B. Inspecting the hydraulic hoses for wear or damage

C. Identifying the specific hose that needs to be replaced

IV. Preparing the Kubota Backhoe for Hydraulic Hose Replacement

A. Shutting down the backhoe and ensuring safety

B. Relieving pressure in the hydraulic system

C. Draining hydraulic fluid from the affected hose

V. Removing the Old Hydraulic Hose

A. Disconnecting the hose fittings from the backhoe

B. Loosening the hose fittings using appropriate tools

C. Removing the old hose from the backhoe's hydraulic system

VI. Installing the New Hydraulic Hose

A. Measuring and cutting the new hose to the required length

B. Attaching fittings to the new hose

C. Connecting the new hose to the backhoe's hydraulic system

VII. Testing and Ensuring Proper Functionality

A. Refilling the hydraulic system with fluid

B. Testing the new hydraulic hose for leaks

C. Verifying the backhoe's proper operation after replacement

VIII. Regular Maintenance and Care for Hydraulic Hoses

A. Tips for maintaining hydraulic hoses in good condition

B. Periodic inspection and replacement of hydraulic hoses

C. Consulting the Kubota backhoe's user manual for specific maintenance guidelines


Maintaining the hydraulic system of your Kubota backhoe is essential for its reliable operation. Hydraulic hose replacement is a crucial part of this maintenance, especially when hoses become damaged or worn. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article, you can easily change a hydraulic hose on your Kubota backhoe. Remember to prioritize safety and proper function when working with hydraulic systems. Regular maintenance and care will ensure that your backhoe continues to perform at its best, tackling any excavation or digging tasks with ease.


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