are there different types of shimano hydraulic hoses


Shimano Hydraulic Hoses: Understanding the Different Types and Their Benefits


Shimano is a well-known and reputable brand in the cycling industry, specifically when it comes to bicycle components and accessories. One of the essential elements in the world of cycling is hydraulic hoses, which are responsible for transmitting hydraulic fluid between different components such as brakes. Shimano hydraulic hoses offer superior performance and reliability, ensuring seamless braking and enhancing the overall riding experience. In this article, we will explore the various types of Shimano hydraulic hoses available in the market, their unique characteristics, and the benefits they bring to cyclists.

I. The Importance of Hydraulic Hoses in Cycling

1.1 Understanding the role of hydraulic hoses

1.2 Why quality hydraulic hoses matter

II. Different Types of Shimano Hydraulic Hoses

2.1 Shimano BH59

2.1.1 Ideal for entry-level and recreational cyclists

2.1.2 Suitable for both road and mountain bikes

2.2 Shimano BH90

2.2.1 Enhanced heat resistance for aggressive riders

2.2.2 Designed for downhill and demanding terrain

2.3 Shimano BH59-JK-SS

2.3.1 Special internal structure for faster response

2.3.2 Specifically designed for racing and professional riders

2.4 Shimano BH90-JK-SSR

2.4.1 Improved durability and braking power

2.4.2 Suitable for e-bikes and heavy-duty applications

III. Features and Benefits of Shimano Hydraulic Hoses

3.1 Compatibility with Shimano components

3.2 Enhanced heat resistance for consistent performance

3.3 Improved modulation and braking power

3.4 Durability and longevity

3.5 Easy maintenance and installation

IV. Factors to Consider When Choosing Shimano Hydraulic Hoses

4.1 Riding style and terrain

4.1.1 Road cycling requirements

4.1.2 Mountain biking demands

4.2 Skill level and preferences

4.3 Cost and budget considerations

4.4 Compatibility with existing components

4.5 Additional features and customization options

V. Maintenance and Care Tips for Shimano Hydraulic Hoses

5.1 Regular inspections and fittings

5.2 Proper cleaning techniques

5.3 Avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures

5.4 Bleeding and replacing hydraulic fluid

5.5 Seeking professional assistance for complex maintenance tasks

VI. Frequently Asked Questions about Shimano Hydraulic Hoses

6.1 Are Shimano hydraulic hoses interchangeable?

6.2 How often should I replace my Shimano hydraulic hoses?

6.3 Can I mix different types of Shimano hydraulic hoses?

6.4 How can I identify the specific type of Shimano hydraulic hose I have?

6.5 Can I install Shimano hydraulic hoses on non-Shimano components?


Shimano hydraulic hoses are a crucial component for cyclists looking for optimal braking performance and overall riding satisfaction. By understanding the different types available and their corresponding benefits, riders can select the ideal Shimano hydraulic hose that suits their needs and preferences. Whether you are an entry-level cyclist or a professional rider seeking top-notch braking power, Shimano offers a range of options to accommodate various riding styles and demands. Maintaining and caring for these hydraulic hoses properly will ensure their longevity and reliability, delivering a seamless and safe cycling experience for years to come.


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