How to prolong the service life of high-pressure hoses? | PASSIONHOSE

March 28, 2023

How to prolong the service life of high-pressure hoses?

The bursting of hoses is often caused by frequent and severe pressure shocks, which are not usually due to the excessive static pressure. It is related to the intensity and frequency of pressure shocks. When operating engineering machinery, the oil pressure inside the hose will repeatedly experience sudden rises or drops, which will cause frequent pressure shocks on the hose, leading to increased damage to oil seals, the appearance of bubbles and ruptures on the hose, as well as loosening and leakage at the pipe joints. Therefore, when operating, the valve stem should not be operated too violently and should be operated gently.

Aging and rupturing of hoses can be caused by the use of oil at high temperatures. When engineering machinery is in operation, the hydraulic system generates heat due to power loss, and with the influence of external temperature (especially in summer), the oil temperature can increase rapidly. The higher the temperature of the oil, the easier it is for the rubber to age, resulting in decreased elasticity, strength, and sealing performance, and the hose will rupture quickly. Therefore, when the temperature of the hydraulic system rises too high or too fast during operation, the cause should be identified and eliminated in a timely manner. In summer operations, especially continuous operations, necessary cooling measures should be taken.

Hose rupture can be caused by the unreasonable selection and installation of hoses. When replacing hoses, the length, number of steel wire layers, joint shape, and size of the selected hoses should be reasonable, and the bending degree of the hoses should be minimized as much as possible. When tightening the joint nut, do not twist the hose, as excessive bending and twisting will greatly reduce the service life of the hose. Protective measures should be taken for parts that are prone to friction to prevent hose ruptures due to wear.

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